Our Highlight Product

Our Newest Product We Have Is Our Artist And Brand Development Package, Heres a list Of What It Includes

-Marketing And Branding Tailor To Your Needs

-Customized Game Plan(Career Builder Plan)

- Giveaways(Software,Laptops,Cash,Marketing Campaigns etc)

-Personal Mentor to help guide and build a successful music brand and business)

This Is A Monthly Package(Consitency Builds results, Monthly plans work best)

If Interested Call/Text me or contact by email using our contact page. 

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Music Video Submission To MTV

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If your interested in getting your music video on tv you can use the contact page. Text/call




What we offer Artist & Brand Development,Freelance services(Like Press on medium,Consulting & More)


We help all our clients at many hours of the day and night, and if we don’t answer right away you can shoot us an email or message us on social media. We will make sure to get back to you in a timely manner.

Also Feel free to shoot a text and we will respond soon as we can. Button at bottom of this page.

Services at
affordable prices

We do everything we can to keep our prices at the most affordable rate we can, that‘s why we work with each client individually to fit their best needs.

business hours

Mon - Fri 8:00 am - 10:00 pm
Saturday 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
Sunday 8:00 am - 9:00 pm


Since we work with each and every client one on one, it makes everything go smoother and not only that it works best in the clients interest.



We get back to our clients in a timely manner no matter how busy we are.All over our clients are super important no matter existing or new.


Our promise


Fast, reliable 

We do everything possible to get back to everyone of our client‘s with fast response and even with one of the most reliable customer service. 



We consult with every one of our clients , so we can best suit their needs.

Our team

We have a small team but we do everything we can for our clients. All our team members for our music department will be listed on our record label page.

Donnie Lee Farrow

Business Owner

Hey, My name is Donnie Lee Farrow and As you can tell I offer a variety of services from artist and brand development,my record label,life insurance and last but not least freelance services.

Featured On!(Click Logo’s To Go To Site’s)

MTV,Medium,The Starz United Magazine

The Starz United Magazine Is owned By Donnie Lee Farrow.

Cover model is Wendy starland who discovered and Helped Lady Gaga Build Her Career.

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